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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Information

How do I stay informed about Rockville happenings?

Residents are asked to join our Town email list and to receive information and updates about all Town events and important notices from the Town of Rockville, the Town of Springdale and Zion National Park.   You can call the office to join 435-772-0992 or you can complete the form on our contact page and indicate that you would like to join our email list.

Rockville also has a FoneTree, where assigned volunteers call their neighbors regarding water issues, road work issues and emergencies.  Please call or email the Town Office to be added to our email list and FoneTree.  We are always looking for volunteers to be a FoneTree.

I'm having problems with water, who do I contact?

The Rockville Ditch Co. (RDC) manages the irrigation water on the north side of the Virgin River.  The RDC irrigation schedules are available in the Town Office lobby.  The RDC has an 8-foot easement on either side of all ditch pipes; in the case of repair, the RDC needs access.

No new water shares are currently available.  Existing water shareholders may sell their shares but water is precious and the selling of shares is infrequent.

If you have questions about culinary water,  contact the Rockville Pipeline Company.

Can I open a business in Rockville?

As of 2021, the Town of Rockville limits new business licenses to home-based businesses only.  Existing Bed and Breakfast businesses currently operate using conditional use permits which are no longer being granted.

For detailed information please read Land Use Code Chapter 4

Does Rockville permit AirBnb's or short-term rentals?

Currently, Rockville allows only four short-term rentals in the designated “Short-Term Overlay Zone”.  Land Use Code 8.19

There are five Bed and Breakfasts that are operating on ‘Conditional Use Permits’.  No new Conditional Use Permits will be issued. Land Use Code 4.2

What is the first step for building on my land in Rockville?
How do I connect to the Rockville sewer?

Springdale holds the responsibilities of sewage for Rockville for most residences north of the Virgin River.  Accounts for properties north of the river can be established with the Town of Springdale by calling 435-772-3434.

All other residences need to use or establish their own septic systems.

When is the trash and recycling picked up?

Solid Waste is collected every Thursday morning.  If there is a holiday the schedule may change.  Please – click here – to visit Washington County Solid Waste for any changes.

Recycling is picked up every other Thursday.

Solid Waste is contracted through Washington County; billing is handled through the Town of Rockville.

Washington County Solid Waste manages the repair and replacement of damaged cans or lids.  Please call them: 435-673-2813

Can I rent the Community Center for a private event?