Rockville Land Use Code

 Follow the link below to view the current chapters of the Land Use Code in MS Word format.  Important note when you are browsing chapters through this site, please make sure that you refresh your screen as you move from one chapter to another.  This will ensure that you are reading the most current edition of each chapter.

Rockville Land Use Code Chapters



Every effort will be made to keep the web version of the Land Use Code current.  The formatting and pagination of the web version of the code may vary from the official hard copy of the code. This web version of the code is provided for informational purposes and may not reflect all of, or the most current, legislation that has been passed. Prior to any action being taken, please consult the clerk for any ordinances that have been enacted that are not contained in this web version. In case of any discrepancy between this web version and the official ordinances, the ordinances prevail.