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General Plan

Town of Rockville – General Plan



This document was prepared and financed in part through a planning and technical assistance grant from the Utah State Department of Community and Economic Development, administered through the Five County Association of Governments and in cooperation with the Rockville Town Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council.

Town of Rockville Vision Statement*

The Town of Rockville is a rural, residential, and agricultural community. Since its founding by Mormon pioneers in 1862 Rockville has maintained the integrity of its historical town plan and has been referred to by historians as “the last treasure in Utah”.

The citizens of Rockville have decided that:

  • Rockville shall continue as a community which respects its heritage and chooses to govern itself with an emphasis on its quiet, small town atmosphere and its agricultural values.
  • Any growth which Rockville may experience shall be carefully planned, consistent, and phased so that the town’s quiet, rural values are maintained.
  • Acknowledging the rights and responsibilities of property owners Rockville shall adopt carefully considered ordinances which reflect the intent of the Rockville General Plan and which will define land use policy in Rockville.
  • Rockville will strive to be fair in the formulation and application of all ordinances which are used to implement the Rockville General Plan.
  • Agricultural use, historic preservation, sensitive lands protection, and the maintenance of the community trust are essential elements which define our community.
  • Rockville intends to remain a small town with a population of 200 to 500 people.
  • Rockville shall protect its natural landscape with special attention to the benches, floodplains, river and surrounding mountains.
  • Rockville shall live within its financial means by providing a modest level of services to its citizens as exemplified by the light bulbs which serve as the town’s streetlights.
  • On site and off site improvements necessitated by new developments will be paid for by the developer.

It is the intent of this vision statement to guide us in the present and direct us towards the future.

*All of the citizens and property owners of Rockville were invited to participate in the Rockville General Plan review in the spring of 1997. This vision statement is based on the information provided by property owners and citizens during that process and was approved by the Rockville Town Council June 5, 1997.