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Town Council Agendas

The agenda will be as follows:

       Rockville Town Council
Regular Meeting
Via Zoom Virtual Meeting
November 10, 2021 – 6:00 pm

The Rockville Town Council will hold their regular meeting on Wednesday the 10th day of November 2021 at 6:00 p.m. This Town Council meeting will not have an anchor location and will be conducted entirely via electronic means. Council members will connect remotely. The meeting will be available to the public for live viewing. If you do not have access to the internet, you can join the audio via telephone. If you wish to access the meeting, please contact Vicki Bell at rockville@rockvilleutah.org or (435) 772-0992 for the access codes.
The agenda will be as follows:

Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Declaration of conflict of interest with an agenda item.

Public Comments – We ask that you please use the Chat feature to make your request to state a comment. The meeting host will see your message and be able to ‘unmute’ you so you can speak. If more than one person desires to speak on the same topic, a time limit may be imposed.

Discussion/Information/Non-action Items
1. Report on Rockville/Springdale Fire Protection District – Chief Gildea
2. Report on Recommendations of the Rockville Planning Commission – Chair Jane Brennan

Administrative Action Items
1.  Discussion and action on the Canvassing of the 2021 Rockville General Election – Washington County Clerk/Auditor Representative
2.  Discussion and action on Resolution 21-1110-01 A Resolution to Set the Meeting Dates and Times for The Rockville Planning Commission and Rockville Town Council for the 2022 Calendar Year.
3.  Discussion and Possible Action on a Proclamation to Adopt November 13, 2021 as Arbor Day in the Town of Rockville.
4.  Approval of the minutes of the October 13, 2021 Regular Meeting.
5. Approval of expenditures for the month of October 2021.
6. Approval of the October 2021 financial statements.

Legislative Action Items
1. Discussion and action of the applications for two (2) Zone Amendments submitted by the Town of Rockville:
a. Ordinance, No. 21-1110-01, Changing the Zoning of Rural Residential One-Half Acre Parcel to Public Use.
This is Parcel R-1231-3-1 consisting of .36 of an acre located at the rear of 43 E. Main (Community Center) and amend the Rockville Zoning Map to reflect said rezone.
b. Ordinance, No. 21-1110-02, Changing the Zoning of Rural Residential 1-Acre to Public Use. This is Parcel R-R-160-A-1 consisting of 1 acre located at 375 E Ballard Circle (Cemetery), and amend the Rockville Zoning                  Map to reflect said rezone.
2. Discussion and action on Ordinance, No. 21-1110-03, An Ordinance Amending Rockville’s Land Use Code Chapters 2 Definitions and Chapter 8 Zoning Regulations as recommended by the Planning Commission:
a. Amend Chapter 2–Definitions-revision of Short-Term Rental definition
b. Amend Chapter 8–Zoning Regulations–Section 8.8, Minimum Side Yard and general language housekeeping
c. Amend Chapter 8–Section 8.8.2 Modifying Regulations (All Zones)–add 8.8.3
d. Amend Chapter 8-Section 8.9.1(1) Notes Accompanying Table of Off-Street Parking Standards
e. Amend Chapter 8-Section 8.14.6(4) Open Space, 8.16.6(4) Residential-Agricultural (RA-5 Acres), and Section 8.17.6(4) Rural Residential Zones – Addition
3. Discussion and action on Ordinance, No. 21-1110-04 An Ordinance Amending Rockville’s Land Use Code, Chapter 8, Section 25 Interior Accessory Dwelling Units as recommended by the Planning Commission.

Administrative Non-Action Items
1. Mayor and Council Member Reports
Mayor Pam Leach
V. Terry Bell
Dave Firmage
Megan Honer-Orton
Jeff Ballard
2. Staff Report as needed


Vicki S. Bell, Town Clerk

THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL TOWN MEETINGS. If you need a special accommodation to participate in Town Meetings, please call the Town Clerk, Vicki S. Bell, at 772-0992 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time.


Posted 11/02/2021


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